Bobby Martini and the Polynesian Pussy Parade

Bobby Martini loves all types of hot ass women, that my friends is no secret. It is also no secret that pussy comes in all sorts of motherfucking flavors and colors! The world is like one big ass pussy rainbow and all you gotta do is grab your dick, jump in and snatch that pot of gold!

One of my favorite types of chicks, of which I have slept with my fair share, are Polynesians. Out of all the Polynesian bitches my dick’s laid out, my favorite would have to be the Tahitian girl I had a fling with about ten years ago. Her name was Titaua, which is easy to remember because the first syllable is “tit” and believe me, this gorgeous girl had a very spectacular set of bodacious tatas. It’s not very often that Bobby Martini throws words like “marriage” around but I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that I would marry her fucking tits if the law was structured in a way that I could actually do so. Shit man, her ass was utterly fucking insane too!

This whole thing started when I was at a luau in Ft. Lauderdale during a private party for a modeling agency I briefly worked for. One of the dancers caught my eye and between sips of Tiki drinks and bites of Polynesian food, I couldn’t stop watching her. I noticed that this pretty lady was aware of how smitten I was and she winked at me and danced in a seductive way that was aimed directly at me. After her part in the show was over, she went backstage. I continued to eat and be merry with my co-workers thinking that that was the last I would see of my beloved Tiki goddess.

About an hour or so later, I was sitting at the hotel bar on the beach sipping on some more Tiki drinks when this girl and a few of her fellow performers, male and female, came over and talked to my co-workers and I. They were all really fucking cool and in fact, the fire breather and I smoked a joint in the bathroom stall. Polynesian dudes have access to a lot of good weed in my experience.

After getting drunk and pretty high, I went back out to the bar. She was sitting there with an empty stool next to her and she motioned for me to take a seat. I sat down next to her and we started talking. I discovered that she was staying at the hotel that night but lived in Sarasota, not too far from where I was living at the time. She was an art student at Ringling and performed traditional Polynesian dance to pay her way through college. I learned that she was actually from Tahiti, which peaked my interest and got us talking about the differences between life in French Polynesia and life in the United States.

As the night and conversation progressed, we both had gotten very drunk and I noticed that we were really close and being all touchy feely and shit. Titaua told me that I was too drunk to drive two hours back home and asked me if I was staying in the hotel. I told her “no” and she insisted that I stay in her room. I was all over the opportunity and after ordering a few more drinks, we headed upstairs.

Once in her room, it didn’t take much time before we were both butt ass fucking naked. We got in the shower and made out for nearly an hour, it was fucking awesome! As the shower portion of the evening was coming to a close, this chick started stroking my already solid cock. I lifted her leg up and slipped my dick in her pussy. I started to fuck the shit out of her and she was digging the fuck out of it.

We stumbled out of the shower, where I continued to tap that pussy on the bathroom floor. This was some of the most passionate love I have ever made and I’m not sure why, everything was just right and I had always had a thing for island girls. All things considered, Titaua is still one of the most gorgeous bitches I have ever been involved with. She also has one of the best bodies I’ve ever seen naked that wasn’t in porn.

I picked her up, still fucking her, and carried her to her bed. We continued to have sex for about another hour or so and then she told me that she had never been fucked in the ass. I asked her if she wanted to take it in the browneye and she was ready and willing to try. I eased her into it, as it was her first time, and then proceeded to fuck this gorgeous chick in the asshole. She may not have been a virgin but I do have the distinction of being the motherfucker that took her ass cherry.

After some pretty solid buttsex, Titaua and I laid in bed, smoked a joint and just talked. Suddenly the door to her room opened and it was another one of the dancers. Apparently they were sharing the room, which was cool with me. Titaua noticed that she was upset about something and asked the other girl to get in bed next to her. I guess she was having problems with her boyfriend and the two of them needed some girl time to talk, while I just turned on the TV to not appear as if I was trying to eavesdrop.

About ten minutes later, I heard kissing sounds and noticed that Titaua and her friend were making out. I was turned on, who the fuck wouldn’t be? That’s when her friend reached under the sheets and started stroking my dick. It’s like Santa Clause finally listened to me and got me what I always wanted because in no time flat, I was involved in a threesome. Damn, two butt ass naked Tahitian bitches and my dick in the bed at the same time! I was making sweet motherfucking Tiki dick magic!

Titaua’s friend climbed on top and rode my dick as Titaua sat on my face. They both made out and sucked on each other’s tits. If it wasn’t for the booze, the weed and the sex I already had, I would’ve been prematurely ejaculating like a little bitch. Luckily I was able to hold the sperm in my balls for quite some time. Shit man, I didn’t want to bust a nut quick and end this unbelievable experience!

Once this fantastic session of superfucking was over, Titaua’s friend asked if we were hungry. We both were, so she ran down and got some food. The chick came back with two full racks of ribs and more alcoholic beverages! She also pulled out some opium and we smoked the shit out of it! Goddamn I wanted to marry these chicks and never look back! Did this experience ever have to end? Couldn’t I just stay in this room with these two hot Tahitian beauties, endless tropical drinks, opium and racks of tasty ribs?! Nope, Jesus apparently doesn’t love your boy that much.

I actually rode back from Ft. Lauderdale with Titaua and her friend, as the people I had gone to Ft. Lauderdale with had left the night before. She dropped me off at my house and asked me if we could stay in contact. I was like “shit fucking yeah!” Well no, not really. I played it cool, exchanged numbers and went into my house to beat off. I had this feeling that I would never have a sexual experience that ever topped the one I had just had.

Over the next few months, Titaua and I would visit each other and continue to have awesome sex, a lot of it in her butt. However, as time went on, we saw each other less and less and eventually lost contact with each other. These things happen in life I guess, but I am such a fucking moron for not trying to keep our relationship tight and ongoing. Man, if I knew then what I knew now, I would’ve moved up there and made glorious Polynesian babies with this chick. We really truly liked each other and it is a shame that things just kind of fizzled.

I caught up with her online recently and she is now married with two kids. If, by chance, she ever gets a divorce, I’d go visit her in a heartbeat. I ain’t even worried about the kid thing because children love Bobby Martini.

I’m still a bit sad that it didn’t develop into anything too serious but life pushes you in certain directions for a reason, or so some old shaman dude on a mountain says. It’s all good though, because as great as this short experience was, not ending up with Titaua provided me with the opportunity to have some dope ass sex with many other extraordinary honeys. There will always be a soft spot in my heart though for my Tahitian princess. In fact, maybe I’ll e-mail this to her and get that Polynesian pussy all wet again.